Kitka JSC


Company "K I T K A" has been established in 1919 as a workshop for production of bricks and roof-tiles.

Nowadays company "K I T K A" produces household porcelain:

- large range of high quality sets with splendid decoration;

- exquisite household glass ware of potassium glass ;

- original high artistic coloured glass ware ;

- souvenirs of porcelain ;

- wrapping glass ware for canning and wine industries.

Products of company "K I T K A" are something more than ordinary vessels for feeding - they introduce refinement and elegance at the served table, they are the classics of today.

Company "K I T K A" trades with leading companies all over the world. Its well - deserved representation at the European Community ranks it among the distinguished western companies of the branch where company "K I T K A" works.




"K I T K A" JSC 36, Tzar Osvoboditel str. 9900 Novi pazar

Tel. : (+ 359 537) 22 88 - Executive Director

(+ 359 537) 25 77 - Sales Department

Fax : (+ 359 537) 32 82 ; 30 88

Telex : 73539 kitka BG